Handbook for Caribbean Cruising

Volume 1: Eastern Caribbean

Ahhh, the Caribbean!  This place of dreams lies in those little latitudes, somewhere south of Florida.  It is where the trade winds caress billowing sails, crystal clear water flows beneath keels, the sun glistens off powdery white sand beaches, dolphins frolic in our wake and the tops of endless volcanoes shimmer in the distance.  This is truly a sailor’s paradise!

Those who ply these azure waters are known as “Cruisers”.  They either own a sailboat, catamaran, trimaran or a small motor vessel and they all have the same goal: live a life of fantasy in these warm Caribbean breezes!

We just headed north after 2 years of sailing upon these warm waters and hope to share our experiences with those who follow in our wake.

This is not a sugar-coated cruising guide for charterers or mega-yacht owners, nor a glossy sailing magazine filled with fluffy “cruising” articles.  Instead this handbook illustrates what you will discover on your trip, both good and bad.  So sit back, click away and enjoy a voyage of discovery.

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