Handbook for Caribbean Cruising

Volume 1: Eastern Caribbean

Passages & Islands

This section details the routes and passages to the various islands in the Eastern Caribbean.  With very few exceptions you will be able to see your next landfall if you are taking the island by island passage through the Eastern Caribbean.  But beware that these relatively short passages can inflict severe damage to your vessel and yourself if taken lightly!

The Tradewinds have come from far away Africa and are now funneling between these high volcanic islands at incredible speeds at times.  There will be seas that match the wind’s force too so be prepared for some uncomfortable passages.  Once in the lee of the next island things will calm down but windshifts and gusts will be something to beware of.

Choose your passage or destination from the list below.  More will be added in the future!

Tobago CaysTobago_Cays.html
Trinidad to Grenada
Grenada to TrinidadTrinidad-Grenada.html
St. Maarten/St. MartinSt_Maarten.html